s10 spoilers:

with Dean full on Cain the Cain/Collette Dean/Cas parallel can truly be fulfilled and i ascend to heaven

s10 spoilers pt. 2:

to convince Dean to trust them enough to let Sam perform the demon curing ritual on him Cas gives up the last of his grace as a show of good faith. a show that even at Dean’s darkest, even shrouded in the cloak of the mark and the demonic tendrils of darkness laced around him, Cas still knows him to be the best man he’s ever known.

no, not just the Righteous Man, this time, but the best man. the brightest. he may not be able to see his soul anymore, with the powers of heaven leaving him, but he knows it. he knows it more than he did that first day, when he raised Dean Winchester’s soul from hell and shook off the charred soot surrounding it to witness the burning beacon of brightness that was underneath. he knows it. and he knows it is still there now, shuddering, pulsing beneath the poisonous impulses of the mark.

"I see you, Dean Winchester,” he says, spitting out the blood pooling in his mouth from his last sustained blow.

"Oh yeah?" Dean mocks, mouth twisted in a disbelieving sneer. "And what’s that, huh?"

Cas picks himself off the floor, calmly, steadily, every bone and muscles in his breaking body straining in a silent protest he ignores. “Son of Mary, brother of Sam,” Cas begins, walking back towards Dean, never removing his eyes from Dean’s face. The face he’s come to know and love so well. “My friend," he says, voice finally cracking. He swallows thickly. He thinks he sees something flicker behind Dean’s eyes.

"My friend who was my guide to humanity. There could have been no better. My friend who showed me goodness. Who stood with me through grief. Who forgave me through guilt. You, Dean," Castiel implores, lacing every word with the sincerity of his feeling. "You’re you.”

Dean’s face begins to fall from anger to confusion, contemplating the impossibility of Castiel’s words.

Castiel presses on. “And I need you. And I want you,” he says, slowly, enunciating every word with a step, a shuffle closer to Dean’s face. It has been so long since they have touched.

"And I love you.”

And then as Dean’s mouth drops open, Castiel reaches inside himself, and brings out the last flickering lights of his grace to illuminate the room, so that one last time, he might see Dean’s soul again.

It is glorious.


On May the 4th at 12:01 A.M. Castiel sends Dean a text that just reads: “May the fourth be with you.”

Dean drops and breaks his phone when he reads it, so overwhelmed and astonished that Cas just wished him a happy Star Wars day.

He has to steal Sam’s phone to call Cas and blunderingly tell him to come home to him to the bunker, but it’s that moment that Dean realises how much he is fucking overwhelmingly, astoundingly, astronomically in love with him.

May the fourth be with him, indeed.



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supernatural au  in the style of the office 

inspired by fleurdean’s post [x] || ”spn office au where dean vehemently denying his feelings for cas while footage the cameras catch of him shows him staring gooey eyed at cas working” 

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